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147 Genuine Lizard - Open End


147 Genuine Lizard - Open End

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* Genuine Lizard - Fleurus France

* Open ends will accommodate a fixed lug.  * Refer to instructions below.

* 3mm padded and stitched with matched color thread. Ladies styles up to 12mm are flat without stitching. 

* Lined with soft neutral colored Nubuck   

* All buckles are anti-allergenic. If a designated color is required, please make note in the ‘Comment Box” when checking out.


  1. Straighten the clips with pliers.  
  2. Remove the adhesive paper on the hole side.  
  3. Insert the extended clips through the holes in the leather and push down firmly.  
  4. Fold the clips back down tightly to secure the folded leather end.  
  5. Remove the adhesive paper from the other side and press firmly over the folded leather. Hold for several minutes.

(8mm 10 mm 12mm 14mm Flat - 16mm 18mm 20mm Padded and Stitched)
Product Type:
Open End