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hirsch-watchstraps.jpgHIRSCH Watch Strap History

official2.pngAs long ago as 1765, the Hirsch family was known for their work with leather. More than 250 years later, the family company upholds its legacy for old-world craftsmanship while maintaining a distinctly modern outlook. HIRSCH is committed to exploring sustainable materials, and innovating to create new watch straps that meet modern needs. The company’s Performance Collection won the coveted Red Dot Design Award for its creative combination of leather and HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc (natural rubber).

HIRSCH is a premium brand of replacement watch bands recognized around the world for its signature blend of style with technically advanced features.  Various models incorporate the following features:

  • Handcrafted in a multi-step process using the HIRSCH Rembordé technique, which uses pressure to combine the upper leather, padding and lining leather into an impervious unit
  • Sauna-tested to ensure durability in tough conditions
  • Created with a protective coating on the lining leather to prevent irritation for people with sensitive skin
  • Water resistant and quick-drying

Graham International is pleased to offer HIRSCH leather watch “bracelets” and superior sports styles in the proprietary Performance Line

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Quick Release

HIRSCH straps incorporate a Quick Release System that makes it simple for consumers to change bands – transforming a watch strap into a watch bracelet that is truly a fashion accessory. .


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