4542 Classic Genuine Leather with Square Tip - Red

(14mm with holes for screw attachment)
4542 Classic Genuine Leather with Square Tip - Red
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Product Details

  • Product Code: 4542
  • Product Color Code: 07
  • Availability: In Stock

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Product Description

* Genuine Leather – Handmade in France

* Ultra-thin classic turned edge strap with square tip and holes for screw attachment

* Lined with soft neutral color Nubuck

* Also fits the following Skagen® watches:


SKW2024 SKW2017 SKW2015 233XSSS 358SSLM 358SDDD 355SSGS 355SSRS 233XSRR 233XSGG2 358SGGD
SKW2016 SKW2014 SKW2018 233XSSL8AV 233XSSL8ABB 358SSLV 355SGSS   233XSRDD 233XSGSC 432SGSG
SKW2020 SKW2026 SKW2019 233XSSL8ANN 358SSLP 396XSBB 358SGSC   432SRRD 233XGGG2 523XSGG
585SSLV 233XSCLW 233XSCLB 233XSSS 355SSS1 396XSGS       355SGSC  
355SMM1 355SDD 358SSSD 358SSSBD 233XSTTM 432SBSB 358SGSG 358SRSC   644SGS  
644SSN2 644SSLNBA2 233XSCLB 233XSCLW 233XSSLB 432SSSB   644SRD   233XSGGG2  
523XSSS 589SRM 669SRLD4 669SSLB4 686XSBBM 432SSSS